We are Skyward

Here’s a bit about the team behind Skyward, and how we do things around here.

Small team. Big results

We're a small, passionate team of freelancers who love improving UX and working with modern Jamstack tech. Perfectly happy with staying small and flexible, we simply care about delivering the best results.

Things we believe in

Creative solutions, together

In times like these, close collaboration and solving problems together is a must.

Putting users first

We’re building it for them, after all.

Making growth easy

No complications, no tech jargon. Just helping you scale easily.

Results, Jerry. Results!

No matter your goals, we only succeed when you reach them.

Doing things securely

We build with the most secure technologies and tools available today. Hello, peace of mind.

Proof: meet pudding

We let our work and results speak for us. See what we mean.

Working with Dan & the team was an amazing experience. We came to Skyward Digital looking to take our technology and innovation to the next level. From start to finish, we loved working together to plan out a world-class front-end experience for our users and then execute it. Since launching our new website, we've received nothing but rave reviews from the work produced by the Skyward Digital team, and we couldn't be happier!

Pigeon Loans Logo
Brian Bristol - Co-Founder & CTO of Pigeon Loans

Brian Bristol

Co-founder & CTO at Pigeon Loans

How we work

We build websites the modern way, using less resources and improving effectiveness, setting you up for all your future endeavours.

Remote experts

The best freelancers working together from everywhere.


One of the gang. Part of the team. You and us, together.


Keeping our planet on a constant rotation of its closest star.


Boosting morale and warming laps.

Carbon Positive

Entirely green, through high-performance websites and offsetting carbon (via Wren)

Supporting Devs

Giving back to FreeCodeCamp and supporting developers getting started

Recent work

Our Pigeon Loans website design showcase

Pigeon Loans

Case Study
Our Tech Fabric website design showcase

Tech Fabric

Case Study

Let's kick this up a notch

Should we do this? Let’s talk about the incredible things we can make together.