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Improve your application with a free laser-focused audit

Is your application struggling to perform or just need a second opinion on direction? We're here to help

Turn your application around with our 30 minute review

We'll review your application to make sure it's easy for your customers, or team, to sign up and use without frustrations.

It's easy to become blind to problems in your app that cause significant frustrations and/or losses, and getting a second opinion can help reveal things you've overlooked.

Our reviews are manual, and focus on the initial onboarding experience as well as common problems. If you're looking for more in-depth or recurring support let us know.

What we're looking for

Our free audits are designed to be performed quickly while picking up on the most important elements that apps often get wrong.

First impressions

Our blind review to pick up on the most standout features (good and bad).

Onboarding experience

Simple signup is key to making sure users love your app on first sight.

User goals

Ensuring the user's primary goals are simple and easy to achieve.

User Experience

Better experience means happier teams & customers.


We make sure your users aren't stuck on long loading screens.

Best practices

Ensuring you're not putting off users with unusual processes.

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Let’s fix something!

Ready to get serious? Tell us about your app, it's problems, and what you're hoping to achieve and we'll provide you with a foundation for big improvements.

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How does it work

We'll review your application

What will I get at the end of my audit?

We'll provide you with a google doc explaining everything we looked at, good and bad. For everything that needs improvement, we'll give you list of fixes prioritised by importance to your business.

I don't have an app. Will you review my website?

We're only looking to review applications right now.

My app has special permissions. Can you still review it?

If you can easily give us those special permissions with a test account or similar then yes we'll be happy to review your application.

But if it requires difficult configuration to get started then reach out to and we can discuss a more thorough, paid audit.

Our issues aren't only surface level. Can you audit our design/code workflows?

Of course. We offer paid audits for more thorough reviews if you're interested in a deep dive into where your design workflows, codebase and team collaboration could be improved.

Contact us or reach out to

Can you help me fix the issues found?

Of course! If you'd like help fixing issues found during your free audit then contact us or reach out to directly.

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