Benefits & Perks

Equipment Budget

Everyone needs different tools to perform at their best, with different teams needing vastly different requirements.

Upon starting, every core team member will receive an equipment budget of £3000 and then an additional £2000 every two years after that.

You can use this budget on whatever you need, from computers and monitors to desks or chairs or anything else that might benefit your work.

Work Schedule

Our working schedule is a little different from most. With a team that spans the globe, and a strong focus on balancing life with work, we leave it up to you to plan your availability.

32 Hour work weeks

We work a flexible schedule to allow our team to best fit work around their life.

You can choose when you work, whether 4 full days, 5 smaller days, mornings and evenings or any other combination of hours. We’re pretty flexible.

Please ensure you have some crossover time with the team you’re working with for the (occasional) video meeting.

Leave & Time Off

We know that taking time away from work can be just as important to your productivity as time spent at work. We offer a variety of leave options to help best accommodate you.

Vacation Time

Every core team member gets five weeks (25 days) of leave annually.

You can request time off by speaking to Dan or Natalia.

Once approved, please update your calendar so the team can see when you’ll be away.

When you’re off, please set your slack status to Vacation, so we know not to disturb your break. We also advise you to sign out or disable notifications for work channels while you’re away.

If you’re planning a holiday that lasts more than 2 days, please give us at least 1 month's notice so we can plan around your time off.

Winter break

An additional two weeks of vacation time is scheduled over the new year period when we’ll be closed to celebrate the holidays. This will usually be the last week of December and the first week of January.

This time off is additional and will not need to be taken from your Vacation time.

Sick leave and Mental health time

If you are feeling unwell and need rest to recover, you have a lengthy doctor's appointment or someone in your family is unwell, you are encouraged to take sick leave.

We also strongly encourage you to take care of your mental health and take sick leave if you need time to focus on your well-being.

Please notify us if you’re taking sick leave or mental health time or if you have not achieved your working hours for the week due to this.

This time is not vacation time, so if you are unwell during your scheduled vacation time, be sure to recoup this so you can take your full holiday when you’re well.

While we do not need to be made aware of the specifics of any physical or mental illness, if you feel this may impact your work or become a regular occurrence, please let Dan or Natalia know so we can accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Other Leave

We're happy to discuss alternate solutions if the above policies don’t cover your needs.

Just reach out to Dan or Natalia, and we can figure out something that works for you.

Requesting Time Off

To request time off, just ask Dan or Natalia to ensure the dates work for everyone (we’ll always do our best to make your preferred dates work).

The earlier you request time off, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate your request.

Add your time to your shared calendar, so the team knows you’re unavailable and update your slack status when you’re out.

Don’t worry about blocking out smaller appointments or flexible working time. Just let us know when you’ll be away for full days.

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