Our Values

Teach everything – We teach everything we learn, from processes to technical solutions. Our lessons are your lessons, and we’re striving to help every business be its best.

1% better every day - Every business has to start somewhere. We encourage everyone to keep making small improvements because we know that small improvements lead to incredible results over time.

Share everything we can – Behind the brand, we’re just people. We have big wins, but we also make epic mistakes. Whatever the situation, it’s a learning opportunity for ourselves and others, and we strive to learn from and share as much as possible.

Treat everyone generously – We treat our teammates, partners, clients and community how we would like to be treated, and expect everyone we work with to do the same.

Results speak for themselves – Every project we choose to work on is an extension of our belief that we can help our clients deliver better results. We always put in our full effort and let the results speak for themselves.

We give it our everything – If we do a job, we do a job well. We live on the cutting edge to deliver the best solutions for clients' needs. It’s a lot of fun but means we have a high bar, and not every relationship is a good fit. When we say yes, you know you’re getting the absolute best.

Time is valuable — So don’t waste it. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking to our clients, our readers, or ourselves. By all means, go off topic and build relationships (relationships are important!) but don’t waffle, don’t book unnecessary meetings, and don’t write words that don’t need to be said write with intent.

Our Unfair Advantage

Yeah. We have lofty goals to change how agencies operate. But that’s not why we get hired. Our unfair advantage has nothing to do with the tools we use, nothing to do with working remotely, and nothing to do with how much money we make.

Our unfair advantage is that we give a shit

We’re an agency, but we don’t work like a traditional agency.

For clients, this means you get direct contact with the people who matter on the team. We only work with a handful of clients at a time, so you know you’re getting our full attention.

For our team, they get credit for what they do, they get visibility for their work, and we pay well for their trouble, without making them work unreasonable hours.

We don’t implement confusing lock-in tactics because we don’t need to. Our work speaks for itself.

We’re in this together to create the best results possible.

But, that’s not why you should work with us. You should work with Skyward because we care about helping you reach your full potential.

Let's kick this up a notch

Should we do this? Let’s talk about the incredible things we can make together.