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Revitalising Blackwood's internal recruitment app with UX design

Oct 2021 - Present
Web Application
UI/UX Design, Front-end Development

Our Brief: Design from the ground up an intricate, user-centric web application. It must significantly improve the speed and ease of use for the team, while utilising decades of captured data.

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The Problem

Blackwood were struggling with incredibly outdated recruitment software. Their entire team used this every day but the experience of using it was very difficult. The software had a steep learning curve with new users taking 3-6 months to get fully familar. They also struggled to keep data consistent with a high likelihood of user error when entering data and different processes between users causing dramatic variations in how areas of the application were used.

  • Confusing to use application

  • 3-6 month onboarding

  • No data consistency

  • Difficult to maintain code

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The Solution

With our expertise in user experience, we carried out research with Blackwood employees to gain a deep understanding of problems in their workflow. We redesigned their application from the ground up, working through each section to solve their most costly problems and provide an experience that’s significantly easier to use.

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The Result

We helped transform the Blackwood recruitment application software into an easy to use, modern experience. By creating clear, visual landmarks that all users can recognise we made the application easier for everyone to understand. This speeds up user interaction so everyone can complete tasks quicker. And by ensuring data consistency in our designs, we created a standard experience for everyone ensuring the entire team are always on the same page, reducing errors and improving workflows.

  • Faster task completion

  • Faster onboarding

  • Better data consistency

  • Responsive design

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