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Putting data-driven user experience at the heart of Visual Comfort’s retail app

May 2022 - Present
Web Application, Retail Application
UI/UX Design, Front-end Development

We teamed up with Visual Comfort to revitalise their retail application, making it scalable and easier-to-use while also transforming the in-store experience for customers.

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Showcase image showing the Visual Comfort retail application on displays

Legacy software

Visual Comfort’s application had grown outdated with little long-term support. “Simple” changes could take days as they would have knock-on effects, or would be buried in incredibly complex, interwoven code. We started by getting a deep understanding of the code so we could support the Visual Comfort team long term.

The Visual Comfort homepage

Revitalising code

After working together for a while, we noted that their old setup was blocking lots of new development efforts. Instead of settling for a slight improvement, we decided to rewrite the old Vue application in Nuxt.

By making the new application headless we eliminated the technical debt that had built up while expanding the ability to add new features more easily and continue to scale going forward.

The Visual Comfort Product List shown on a retail screen
Showcase image showing different examples of the Product List Page including Search, with a filter dropdown active and the default view

Data-Driven Design

The heart of Visual Comfort's product is driven by data, so it was essential for us to bring that approach across to their retail application. By implementing interaction tracking, we could better understand how customers used the in-store displays.

This allows us to improve the designs iteratively by tracking usage, discovering problems, and then testing if our solutions solve them.

Showcase image showing many Visual Comfort application screenshots

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