Dan Spratling

Founder & CEO


Bath 🇬🇧

Dan Spratling sitting in a bar window with a drink, smiling

I'm Dan (Hey 👋) and I'm a web developer turned freelancer turned agency owner. I love working with UX and since I started my career in 2015 I've always been focused on how to better improve the experience for different kinds of people.

I'm a developer first. I love working with Jamstack tech and, on occasion, creating new designs (when time allows). My real strength, though, is figuring out better ways and bridging gaps teams, customers, and everyone else. I'm a methodical, logical thinker and I'm constantly looking for force multiplier opportunities to help others provide their best results too.

I'm passionate about creating a better environment for everyone, and creating Skyward is a continuation of that goal. Better work environment, better client relations, better results.

When I'm not working, I'm probably exploring a fantasy or sci-fi world through games or movies, or trying out different kinds of food 🍜

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