David Dooley

UI/UX Designer


Dublin 🇮🇪 / San Cristóbal de las Casas 🇲🇽

David Dooley leaning against a bright blue wall with a camera

Hi! I’m David, I’m a graphic designer, turned motion designer, turned UI & web designer.

Throughout the last decade, I’ve held lead design positions in some of Ireland’s most recognisable companies before going freelance in 2017. Well, I fell into freelancing. After quitting my full-time job and travelling for a year, the idea of working for someone else didn’t feel quite as appealing.

I love design because it takes the creativity of art and focuses it on achieving a set objective. This feels especially true of UI projects, where the number of stakeholders and collaborators can grow and grow.

When I’m not designing; you’ll more than likely find me running, in the kitchen trying a new recipe, seeking out the best taquerias, or running to the kitchen for my four hundredth coffee of the day.

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