Tasmin Lofthouse

Content Marketing


Longridge 🇬🇧

Tasmin Lofthouse working from a cafe

Hey 👋, I’m Tasmin — a freelance content marketer and copywriting nerd. I’ve been in the marketing game for over 8 years and enjoy combining my love of consumer psychology with my penchant for writing.

When I’m not working, I’m a big fan out getting outdoors (and eating cake) as much as possible.

Basics you should know about me…

I’m an introvert who can be chatty over messages (what can I say? I love to write…)

I’m highly organised and strategy-oriented — I absolutely love processes and structure

I like to schedule calls in advance so I can prep everything I need for them

My personality type is INTP (Myers Briggs) or 5w4 (Enneagram) AKA I’m a thinker and philosopher

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