Tech Fabric

Tech Fabric is a long term customer of ours. They’ve recently shifted their marketing strategy and were looking for a modern website with a fresh design using Jamstack Technologies.

They commissioned us to work with their designers to create a brand new, high performance website that would be easy to maintain and update long term.

How we helped:

  • Created a brand new Jamstack website

  • Ensured it was easy to maintain and add to long term

  • Testable components to guarantee updates never break design

Tech Fabric website homepage sections showcased in Laptop screens

Why Jamstack?

Jamstack may seem overkill for a marketing site but it provides a few significant benefits, especially for larger projects. There were a few key benefits:

  • Tech Fabric is already very comfortable with creating frontend applications with headless technologies (like React)

  • Components are very easily reusable and testable

  • Building custom solutions (instead of templated ones) ensures designs are consistent long term

Tech Fabric website components shown on the website and in Storybook to compare how components look

Supporting long term growth

Tech Fabric are just starting to re-work their marketing strategy, and need a flexible solution that allows their team to continue to add to their site for years. The most key aspect of this is allowing editors to directly add content to the website. We wanted to give editors the ability to edit pages or add entirely new pages to the website without having to make design decisions.

Tech Fabric team showcased on a laptop screen

The new website has been really good, and we have got an amazing response from everyone we talked to. This is exactly where we wanted to be and I'm very happy with the way it turned out, although we have a lot of great ideas for the future. We really appreciate your partnership and we'll be looking forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond.

Tech Fabric Logo
Preetham Reddy, CEO at Tech Fabric

Preetham Reddy

CEO & Enterprise Architect at Tech Fabric

Showcase image showing many Tech Fabric website screenshots

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