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Simplify applicant tracking with custom built software

Recruitment is hard, your software shouldn’t make it harder. Match candidates with companies faster, using software designed for your team

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Who our clients work with

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Clunky software is slowing your team down

Disorganised candidate notes, lost data & manual tasks cost you and your team precious time, energy and attention.

What could you do if every employee had 2 extra hours each day?

Let's find out

Outdated recruitment software is holding your business back

Software that’s stuck in the past costs your business time and money by bottlenecking your employees

We unlock your team’s full potential by

  • Simplifying your applicant matching process

  • Improving your onboarding so can hire faster

  • Standardising your data to better measure success

Comparing the old blackwood app to the new improved ux

Off-the-shelf applicant tracking solutions limit your growth

Software built for everyone is also built for no-one.

Your team is different from other recruiters, so give them the tools they need to stand out.

Our custom applicant tracking software allows you to

  • Add features that you need, when you need them

  • Optimise processes to match candidates faster

  • Manage your own data for extra security

Three distinct screens from the blackwood app showing a canidate page, an assessment page, and a company page
Blackwood - Candidate Details
Terry Wells

We’re very happy with the designs. Skyward Digital visited our offices and watched our staff using our internal application to see our pain points and deeply understand our domain and terminology, so they could deliver what we were aiming to achieve.

We’re very happy with the value for money and the designs that we receive from Skyward Digital and there’s nothing we'd have them improve.

Software holding you back?
Let’s solve that

Simple, stress-free results. Just tell us where your software is holding you back and we’ll find a solution.

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We’ll discover where your workflow can be optimised

Your app needs to work with your team, not against them. We’ll find the best solution for everyone.

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We’ll build your powerful, easy to use software

Breaking down the project into stages, we’ll design, test and build your new app.

We’ll get feedback from your team as we go to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

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We’ll launch the application and track its success

Once everything’s put together we’ll help transition your team onto the new app, ensuring their success.

We’ll also gather information for potential future improvements.

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Powerful software
built for you

We focus on building exactly what your team needs to be their most effective. Make more sales, complete job matching faster, and unlock your company’s growth.

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We create better experiences for everyone

We’re obsessed with creating outstanding user experiences, and pride ourselves on our quality.

That means better results for you and your team by building what they need in the best possible way.

Our small size allows us to be agile, while our deep technical and area expertise ensures you get the best results.

Trust is important to us, so while we’ll manage our own workflow (so you don’t have to), you’ll always be directly in touch with Dan, our CEO, if you ever need anything.

Get back your teams time and unblock your growth

Improving your software allows your team to work faster, so you can invest that time into bigger opportunities, better projects, and further optimisations.

Supercharge your team

Easier to use tools means tasks are completed faster than ever before.

Work with more companies

Find more companies looking for candidates and bring them on board

Higher profit margins

Optimise processes, improve teamwork, and get better results, faster.

Lower staff turnover

Less frustration working with antiquated & awkward tools.

Elevate your Recruitment Software

We’ll build a custom fit recruitment application that gives your team all the tools they need to do their best work.

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What services do you include?

Audit & Research:
We start by identifying where you’re at and where your team would benefit most from our support. We put together a high level project map to understand how users commonly use your current application.

UI/UX Design:

After identifying the most important pages to improve, we create wireframes then turn those into high-quality designs gathering feedback about the new screens as we go to ensure their success.

Application Development:

Next we build the new application for your team, based on the designs created above.

Support & Future Improvements:
During launch we’ll support your team’s transition to the new platform and make sure it’s delivering results. If there’s any further improvements that we can make after launch (from even grander visions) we can support with those too.

Book a free consultation or email if you’d like to discuss our services

I don’t need all your services. Can you provide just design/development?

We can offer just design or development to support your needs but you’ll see the best results when we’re able to supply our entire package as each service is designed to work with the others.

If you’re not sure which service you need, book a free call or email and we’ll help you figure out what’s best for you

What if I already have lots of data?

If you are already storing your own customer data we’ll ensure it’s brought forward onto the new platform.

We’ll work together with your backend developer to make sure that your old data is retained while we provide new, clean data from your new application.

Can you provide support for us after launch?

We’d love to continue to support you once we’ve finished building your new application.

Once we get to that point, we can discuss your maintenance needs and set up a plan that works for you.

What technologies do you use to build the application?

We use Figma for our design work which provides an excellent collaborative experience for any number of users

We use Next.js & Tailwind for our frontend development and can integrate with any backend provided it has APIs to integrate with. We can make recommendations on backend solutions too, if you don’t already have one.

We need specific platform integrations. Can you include them?

Our build process allows us to integrate data from other platforms into your application, so if you need to scrape linkedin for emails or something else, we can work with you to implement that.

How long before we start to see results?

It depends on the complexity of the build. We want to provide the best results we can

We’d expect to spend ~3 months working on each major section of your app in each stage (Candidates, Companies, etc) but will do our best to overlap as much design/dev work as possible.

It may be possible to release changes as we go, which speeds up result times significantly and allows us to gather success data on those sections while we work on future ones.

Book a free consultation or email if you’d like to know more.

How do I get started?

To get started all you need to do is book a call.

There’s no obligation, the first call helps us understand how we can best help your team.

Pick a time that best suits you and we’ll talk about where your business is struggling and what we can do to help get your business to where you want it to be.

Book a free consultation or if you have any questions email me

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