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Freelancer working from their remote office

9 January 2023

Why do we work with freelancers so much?

Freelancers make up a core part of how we work at Skyward. Here’s why we value our external partners so much and how we choose to hire employees vs freelancers.

World map

7 December 2022

Managing projects in a remote world

Have you ever thought about working with someone that lives in a different country?

Person working on a desk with a couple of laptops, computer and a cup of coffee.

1 November 2022

What is a digital agency and why does my business need one?

With so many digital agencies out there, it can be confusing to work out which type of digital agency you need.

Camera lens showing focused area in the distance

16 August 2022

Refocus, refine, results: Why we’ve decided to refocus our approach

Skyward recently celebrated its first birthday. And a lot has happened in those first 12 months. We’ve evolved, adapted, grown. We’ve even shrank strategically (more on that later).

2 August 2022

Yearly round-up - 2022

Skyward has officially turned 1 🥳, (back in June) and this year has been a rollercoaster. We’ve had some great months working on amazing projects and we’ve also had some not-so-good months (it can’t always be perfect I suppose!) but even despite that this year has been incredible.

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