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3 April 2023

How to improve your Google Lighthouse score (and optimise site performance)

Increasing site performance is integral for improving user experience and getting better results. Use Google Lighthouse to optimise your site performance.

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27 March 2023

Google Lighthouse: What is it and why is it important?

Whether your goal is to sell more products, drive more conversions, or reach more customers, you won’t get there if you don’t have excellent user experience.

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5 February 2023

Understanding custom website development. Is it right for you?

If DIY website builders aren’t cutting it, a custom solution built with your specific needs in mind might be just what you’re after.

Storyblok: An Honest First Impression

26 December 2022

Storyblok: An Honest First Impression

Let’s give the Storyblok CMS a try for the first time and see what it does right, wrong, and if it’s something we’ll use in the future!

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19 December 2022

When is the best time to hire a digital agency?

The best time to hire a digital agency may be earlier than you think. Build a long-term agency partnership that prioritises your company growth and users needs.

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7 December 2022

Managing projects in a remote world

Have you ever thought about working with someone that lives in a different country?

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23 November 2022

Why should you choose a headless website for your SaaS business?

Headless websites are best for SaaS businesses that need to scale quickly, have complex needs and want a flexible, performant and future-proof solution.

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14 November 2022

How to understand your web analytics data and use its insights to your advantage

Every decision you make needs to be data-driven. Learn how to understand your web analytics data so you can transform website data into actionable insights.

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1 November 2022

What is a digital agency and why does my business need one?

With so many digital agencies out there, it can be confusing to work out which type of digital agency you need.

2 August 2022

Yearly round-up - 2022

Skyward has officially turned 1 🥳, (back in June) and this year has been a rollercoaster. We’ve had some great months working on amazing projects and we’ve also had some not-so-good months (it can’t always be perfect I suppose!) but even despite that this year has been incredible.

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6 May 2022

Website rebuild checklist: Do these 12 things before you rebuild your website

Follow this website rebuild checklist to improve use experience, increase conversions and make your next site redesign project a roaring success.

When should your rebuild your website

26 November 2021

When should you rebuild your website?

Outdated websites can be harmful to your business's bottom line, but when is the right time to replace your website?

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