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22 May 2023

What is Next.js and Why is Next 13 a game changer in 2023?

Next.js is a powerful framework that has gained a lot of popularity among developers in recent years, but what is it and how can it help your business grow?

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9 May 2023

The future of Jamstack frameworks: Astro, Next.js, Server Components and Dynamic Islands

The web is changing. Frameworks like Next.js & Astro are moving away from shipping lots of JavaScript by using Server Components. Here’s why that matters


11 April 2023

Optimizing fonts on your NextJS website with next/font

Simplify font loading for your NextJS site using next/font. Automatically import your fonts in the most optimal way, loading pages faster & streamlining updates

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10 March 2023

Load images faster with Next/Image

How to start using Next/Image to automatically optimise your images, boosting website performance and improving user experience without losing image quality

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27 February 2023

How to fetch data efficiently in Next.js

Fetching data the right way boosts your websites performance, giving your users a significantly better experience, and it’s easier than you realise

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21 August 2022

How to create a Table of Contents Automatically using Prismic & NextJS

A short guide and a small addition that massively improves how your users will interact with your content

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