11 April 2023

Optimizing fonts on your NextJS website with next/font

Simplify font loading for your NextJS site using next/font. Automatically import your fonts in the most optimal way, loading pages faster & streamlining updates

Lighthouse logo

3 April 2023

How to improve your Google Lighthouse score (and optimise site performance)

Increasing site performance is integral for improving user experience and getting better results. Use Google Lighthouse to optimise your site performance.

Lighthouse logo

27 March 2023

Google Lighthouse: What is it and why is it important?

Whether your goal is to sell more products, drive more conversions, or reach more customers, you won’t get there if you don’t have excellent user experience.

Next/image brand

10 March 2023

Load images faster with Next/Image

How to start using Next/Image to automatically optimise your images, boosting website performance and improving user experience without losing image quality

File cabinet

27 February 2023

How to fetch data efficiently in Next.js

Fetching data the right way boosts your websites performance, giving your users a significantly better experience, and it’s easier than you realise

Google Search Console pageview insights graph

3 January 2023

How to improve your website’s performance

Website performance is critical for delivering a great user experience. Here’s our checklist that ensures we get great performance for the sites we build.

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