See all the changes we’ve made to the site over time and how we grow through continuous improvement.


22 Oct 2021

Performance improvements

Look how fast! Okay so the site wasn't exactly slow before, racking up 90+ in lighthouse performance score but we were noticing some optimisations that would help us do even better.

Lighthouse score showing 100 in performance and 90+ in other categories - taken on 25 Oct 2021

We've now added in lazy loading on images (so they only load when scrolled into view) which has reduced the initial page size of image-heavy pages by over half in some cases. It's super fast, so you probably won't notice a change but images now load with a small blur effect so if you do happen to have poor internet connection you now get a nice little load indication that's far less jarring.


13 Oct 2021

Added Services pages

Today we're releasing a huge overhaul for the Skyward website. The largest change is the addition of the new Services pages, showing the core services we offer so you can see exactly what you'll be getting. We've added 6 services to start, with the ability to update these or add more over time.

Screenshot showing the services component from release 1.3.0

We've also added a dedicated contact page that acts as a single source. This makes it easier for those looking to just get in touch with us to find where to do so.

Screenshot showing the Contact page from release 1.3.0

A few other additions were needed to make these possible. We didn't have header navigation before as the site was still a single page, so we've brought in one of those. We've also made some design tweaks to better work with the new content.


22 Aug 2021

Fixes issue with missing changelog version numbers

If there were missing version numbers in a changelog status update, this would cause an issue where the version number would be replaced with the word "null". This knocked on to other areas, breaking how the changelog statuses were sorted.

To fix this, we checked that changelog version numbers are completed in the CMS we use (prismic) and if they aren't then they are removed from the flow. A warning is placed in the developers workflow to ensure that these aren't ignored, while also not preventing progress.

Shows issue where changelog is displayed without version numbers which shows as "null.null.null"


22 Aug 2021

Adds changelog link to footer

A small change adding the changelog link to the footer. This not only allows others to access it without going to it directly, but also helps google to see that this page exists.


22 Aug 2021

Added Changelog

We've now added a changelog to keep track of changes we make to the site. This will help others understand how we grow our own website as well as others and also give us a reference to look back on internally, especially when we're performing analysis (to see exact release dates).


21 Aug 2021

Benefits slice

Today we added the new Benefit Slice component to the website! This slice allows us to show benefits in an eye-catching way. It's currently being used on the homepage showing the benefits of the Jamstack but in the future, this could be repurposed for other means.

Benefits slice shown on


19 Aug 2021

Updates Contact Form

A minor change to add more fields to our contact form. Though these fields are not strictly necessary, behind the scenes we're using zapier to capture potential enquiries and feed them into our pipeline software. Having these additional fields (company and website) allow us to do a little more research before our initial calls and makes the process smoother!


18 Aug 2021

Launch 🚀

Say hello to the new skyward website! Right now it's just a small single-page website, but as we've been active for a few months now we thought it was important to actually get ourselves online.

Look forward to lots of upcoming changes in the near future - we've got a lot planned!